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We made a commitment to donate a portion of our profits to the McGrath foundation, our charity of choice, to help support people experiencing breast cancer right across Australia.
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Solis Inverter with Solar Panel

5 KW Solar System

  • Right Choise15 x 330 = 4950W Tier 1 Panels
  • Right Choise5 KW Solis Power Inverter
  • Right ChoiseTier 1 Solar Module
  • Right ChoiseHigh Efficiency Solar Module
Solis Inverter with Solar Panel

6.6 KW Solar System

  • Right Choise20 x 330 = 6600W Tier 1 Panels
  • Right Choise5 KW Solis Power Inverter
  • Right ChoiseTier 1 Solar Module
  • Right ChoiseHigh Efficiency Solar Module
Solis Inverter with Solar Panel

7 KW Solar System

  • Right Choise21 x 330 = 6930W Tier 1 Panels
  • Right Choise6 KW Solis Power Inverter
  • Right ChoiseTier 1 Solar Module
  • Right ChoiseHigh Efficiency Solar Module
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Sunboost at New South Wales

New South Wales

Suite 2, Level 1,
65 Doody Street,
Alexandria NSW 2015

Sunboost at South Australia

South Australia

3/6 Stanbel Road,
Salisbury Plain,
SA 5109

Sunboost at Western Australia

Western Australia

1/19 Kalinga way,
Landsdale WA 6065

Sunboost at Queensland


82 Parramatta Road, Underwood QLD 4119

Our Services
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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Stay competitive by being strategic about your business energy needs.

Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Start a better living with solar, energy that protects your family from rising electricity prices.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions

Go completely off-grid and never pay an electricity bill again!

Don't Just Sit There In The Dark

Take Control of your Electricity. See if you Qualify now.

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Six Steps Sunboost Process
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  • The Cost Benefit Ratio

    On a quick, 10-minute phone call, our team of solar experts will evaluate your home’s solar potential using our advanced 3D aerial imagery technology and discuss your current electricity bill.

  • We Tailor A Solar System For Your Home

    If your home is a good candidate for solar, our team of system designers will custom-design a system specifically for your home. Why do we do this? Because we want to maximize your energy production!

  • Solution & Design

    Our professionally-trained Solar Consultant will review your custom system design, guaranteed energy production, a choice of payment options, incentives, warranties and more.

  • Final Design

    Our energy expert will provide you multiple solar energy solutions for you to choose a final design.

  • Installation

    Our project management team will handle permitting, inspections, interconnection, and more during your project you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Maintenance & Support

    You’ll receive support for the lifetime of your system from a company that has helped thousands of homeowners switch to solar. We’re dedicated to helping you get the most benefits out of your solar home.

Going Solar Is Easy !
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Solar Panels

Consultation & Product Selection

With one call to our friendly, experienced consultants, we can find the right solar products for your unique situation.

Installation & Commissioning

It is vitally important that a system is installed and tested as per the commissioning requirement of the network to ensure it is safe.

Solar Solutions & Approvals

Our dedicated team of engineers will design a custom solar system for your needs and our team of specialists will assist you getting grid connection & approval.

Monitoring & Support

Turn on your new solar system and watch as the sun does its job! Our smart monitoring system displays all the information you need. Our support teams are ready for any questions you may have!


Sunboost is leading the charge to create a planet run by the sun. We are building a more sustainable world, through making solar simple for our customers.

Solar Panels Installed
Number Of Installs
57.4 MW
Energy Production
223860 KW / Day
Where reputation counts when you go solar
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Our CEC accredited solar installers will install your solar system in order to ensure the quality and consistency in solar installation process.

Equipment prices are at all-time lows, so now is the perfect time to begin your solar investment and lock in lower rates.

We offer an exclusive 30 days money back guarantee to our valuable customers for peace of mind.

Where roof space is an issue we tailor your system in order to optimize your solar generation by installing efficient solar products

It’s not only cash purchase and lease options anymore—solar loans make solar ownership a reality for many homeowners.

We have sold over 58000 solar panels in a year.

Let’s See If Your Home Looks Perfect For Solar.

Our Customers Say
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Little Things That Make A Difference
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Sunboost combines the reliability that comes with the state-of-the-art system engineering and design of a solar system with personalized service and local knowledge. Easily compare Sunboost with other companies today, and see why Sunboost is the best choice for your solar needs.


All products come with a manufacturing warranty and we offer 10 years workmanship & installation warranty.

Quality Assurance At Sunboost

All our solar panels and Inverters are approved by Clean Energy Council according to Australian standards


We are able to offer the best price in the market by comparing apple to apple. We will always beat a competitors quote!


We offer an over the phone or in-house consultation service to begin the process. From here it is a seamless process from paying the deposit to installation and ongoing support.

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Suite 2, Level 1,
65 Doody Street,
Alexandria NSW 2015