Sunboost offers best residential solar systems in Australia

Sunboost is here to help many more Aussie homeowners benefit from residential solar's environmental and financial benefits.

May 10, 2022

Residential Solar System

Sunboost is here to help many more Aussie homeowners benefit from residential solar's environmental and financial benefits. We will give you the best possible solution and ensure you get maximum benefits.

Australian households installed 3.2 gigawatts of solar on rooftops in 2021, bringing 16 gigawatts to 3 million rooftop solar systems as per The Australian Clean Energy Regulator. The surge in solar power helped boost the nation's clean energy production to a record-setting 31.4 percent of all energy produced, more than double what it was only four years earlier. [1]

The market for solar panels is diminishing as rebates from the federal government wind down, and network operators introduce new rules that restrict and regulate rooftop solar exports. It is in conjunction with lower retail prices and a rise in the time taken by households to repay their solar systems.

A solar system is essentially a mixture of components. In the end, it is the performance and quality of each component that determines the performance of solar systems. Sunboost recognizes that each component is significant in your residential solar system on its own and is of vital significance. It is generally believed that only the inverter and the panels are the most critical components; however, it comprises several other parts that must be considered.

At Sunboost, we care a great deal about it. The main reason to give some thought to this is that solar systems are an investment for the long-term, giving you returns over a long, very long time. If the components don't perform sufficiently, they could fail. We will also make sure that your solar panel system is installed by us, not just with the highest quality equipment but also with the greatest attention to all compliance and standards.

What is the amount of Saving Money on Your Energy Costs?

When you install a solar system on your residential property, the amount you'll save will depend on your daily energy consumption habits and how you position the panels. To get the most savings, the solar panels must be properly aligned, and their angle should be optimized to generate the highest amount of power.

Support for customers unmatched and technical know-how

We only employ high-quality top of the line systems from top-performing manufacturers. In addition, all products from our Solar PV Systems come with industry standard warranties to ensure steady performance and reliability of the system.

We're Sunboost, Australia's leading solar company.

Our mission is to provide households with the highest quality renewable energy sources like solar panels. We are incredibly proud of our efforts in ensuring a better future for our nation and helping our customers save cash on each bill.

Latest Solar Technology

We provide the most up-to-date solar panel technology to fit your business or home.

Secured solar energy provider

We are a reliable, trusted solar retailer in Australia.

Panel Performance

All panels come with a 25-year panel performance warranty.

Fastest installation

Sunboost prides itself on providing faster installation times. This is because we have one of the most extensive installer network and offices across Australia. As a result, we can have your system operational in a quarter of the time compared to other installers.

If you're thinking of installing a solar system, you're in the right spot.

Are you interested in what residential solar could offer? Our solar experts will develop solar solutions to suit your home’s particular requirements. Our valued customers from all over Australia enjoy the environmental and financial benefits that an efficient solar system with Sunboost could bring. Get in touch with us to find out the amount you can save by going solar with Sunboost. We can answer all your questions regarding our solar services and prices.

Contact us now at 1300 786 266, and our team will try to reach you soon.

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