How to Get More Value Out of Your Solar Panel System and Maximize Your Returns?

Solar panel systems are making considerable strides in ecological modernization and development.

Dec 15, 2021
solar panel system installation

Solar panel systems are making considerable strides in ecological modernization and development. We are continuously finding new methods to get more value from solar panels. This is ideal for both customers intending to invest and those who already have them installed. Here are a few things you can do from home to ensure your panel gives you as much value as it efficiently can.

Get an expert to install your solar panel system.

If solar panels are not correctly mounted, they will not receive the maximum sunshine and produce less power.

The alignment and inclination are two critical factors to consider while installing residential solar panels. For optimum sunshine exposure, solar panels should be installed at an angle of 18 to 36 degrees by a trusted solar expert. If you reside somewhere in the northern meridian, your solar panels should be facing south; similarly, if you live in the southern hemisphere, they should face north.

Temperature levels, paradoxically, have an impact on solar system efficiency. As the temperature rises, the efficiency of solar panels decreases. Therefore, suitable spacing should be allowed between the solar panels and the roof during installation. This spacing enables simple airflow and keeps photovoltaic solar panels from overheating.

It is essential to ensure that your solar panel system is installed correctly. Poor installation by a substandard contractor might result in highly inefficient solar panels that do not deliver an adequate amount of electricity to your home.

Maintenance of solar panels

The accumulation of dust on solar panels is unfavourable. Dust that has dried into mud due to extended moisture contact is considerably worse. Both of these circumstances prevent sunlight from reaching your photovoltaic cells. A quick spritz and gentle cleaning are all that are required to keep your panels clean. You may even hire a reputed panel cleaning service to ensure professional maintenance in your region.

To avoid shadowing, keep solar panels away from the trees.

The more sunlight that hits the surface area of your panels, the more energy solar panels generate. Since trees and bushes are constantly growing, it is advisable to monitor their growth to prevent them from shadowing on your solar panels. Consider the sun's trajectory throughout the day and the shadows as they progress from dawn to night. The maximum time spent in direct sunlight will promote peak performance and ultimately more value and efficiency.

Use rechargeable appliances or change the charging times.

Charging your appliances at the appropriate times may make a significant difference in your cost, as you can use chargeable devices later on without excessive energy consumption.

It would be best to consume as much electricity as your solar panel system can generate while producing.

Keep your system running smoothly.

It is also crucial to maintain your solar system so that it can continue operating at optimal efficiency:

  • Trim any trees obstructing your solar panels, but always check for overhead electrical lines first.
  • Check the status lights of your inverter and the display panel regularly for any significant changes in your solar output.
  • Get your solar system maintained by a certified solar installation or qualified electrical contractor every year.

Invest in Technologies that Improve Performance

You may purchase equipment to improve the performance of your solar panels and maximize returns by making investments in devices such as solar optimizers, micro-inverters, and grid voltage optimizers.

Keep track of solar system performance.

To ensure that your photovoltaic arrays are operating optimally, you must frequently monitor the overall system's health. Most solar systems allow remote access using mobile apps or a customer portal on the manufacturer's website. When an issue is identified, one of the experts may call you to explain potential solutions or come down to your house for repairs.

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