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Solar energy is the future of the renewable energy segment, both for residential and commercial sectors.

Sep 16, 2021
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Solar energy is the future of the renewable energy segment, both for residential and commercial sectors. As the energy source becomes a revenue-generating asset over a payback period of 3-4 years, it is critical for the industry to tailor innovative strategies to achieve their goals. A recent survey indicates that rooftop solar is an important part of the energy landscape, with over 40% of surveyed respondents saying that they would consider solar if it was financially attractive. An even greater number (58%) would like to see more public incentives to reduce the upfront costs of solar installation.

Sunboost is critical to the evolution of the solar energy sector. Our mission is simple: harness the power of the sun. By bringing the cost of solar energy down to grid parity with fossil fuel customers, we make solar accessible to the masses. Through this revolution, the Sunboost logo is a symbol that represents our commitment to delivering on our promise of making clean energy affordable and accessible. It gives independence on the energy front while reducing the electricity bills and carbon footprints.

Sunboost is an Australian solar company that is dedicated to making it easy for you to power your life with solar energy. We provide the solution that customers have been searching for — a renewable energy option that is accessible to the average person, along with the environmental benefits of upholding the tenets of sustainability. The Australian government has instituted several renewable energy initiatives, including the Renewable Energy Target and Solar Credits Scheme, to help reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels and increase the use of renewable sources of energy. With solar incentives and rebates from the government and many innovative financing solutions, consumers today can establish a system with practically zero upfront cost. These programs aim at providing Australians with affordable and accessible solar energy solutions. We use this opportunity to let you know about the different solar incentives available in Australia.

Sunboost is proud of being Australia’s largest solar retailer with a goal to provide solar solutions to our customers and aid them to go green with solar. We have a nationwide presence, allowing Australians to easily benefit from the range of solar products and quality services offered by us. We are committed to giving back to the community and making a positive impact to the environment and our society. We work with several non-profit organisations in Australia, trying to promote the benefits of renewable energy through our services.

The 76,4159 solar panel installations are a testimony of the solar transition, we have achieved and wish to continue the same streak. Sunboost is a highest five-star reviewed solar retailer on, a website which showcases the customer’s trust in us, further motivating us to continue our mission to join more homes and organisations in the environment-friendly pool of people. Sunboost has a proven track record for customer satisfaction and proven track record for customer service, giving you peace of mind and satisfaction when you choose Sunboost to power your life with solar energy. Quality reflects in what we do as we use the best-in-class technology as well as ensure every aspect of the customers' journey is catered by our efficient solar experts.

A solar system will reduce your electric bill, saving you money on your electricity bills. By using solar energy, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, helping to make a difference in the world. Sunboost has the best solar energy solutions for your home and business. Sunboost is the largest solar retailer, offering the widest variety of solar products and services. From solar panels to solar storage solutions, you’ll find the right solar solution for your home or business. We understand our consumers' requirements and propose attractive offers and discounts at regular intervals. Our solar advisors work with you and your solar system delivers maximum savings and efficiency.

We work hard to understand our consumers’ requirements and propose attractive offers and discounts at regular intervals. This puts us in front of our customers in the markets of our competitors.

We believe that the ideal way to build up a successful market enterprise is to lead the market, not follow. We lead our consumers to make the right choices and we like to lead our consumers to make smarter choices as well as to enjoy more value.

Quality reflects in what we do as we use the best-in-class technology as well as ensure every aspect of the customers' journey is catered by our efficient solar experts. Thus, the solar transition brings forth a common question- What should one consider when it comes to the solar system? There are many components based on the residential and commercial solar installations, but two components play a pivotal role in a Solar PV System.

Solar Panels

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Solar PV (photovoltaic) modules are an integral part of solar-powered systems. They contain several silicon wafers and convert solar energy into electricity. We at Sunboost use Tier-1 modules, with higher efficiency and certified performance warranty over the 25-year lifecycle of the solar system.

Solar Inverters

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A solar inverter or PV inverter is a type of electrical converter which converts the fluctuating direct current output of the photovoltaic solar modules into a utility frequency alternating current, suitable for your household appliances. The present-day inverters are equipped with a monitoring system, which enables a user to track daily power consumption and performance of the rooftop solar system.

Other Components

Similarly, other components used are mounting structures and cables of superior quality, brackets, etc. We provide mounting structures for all kinds of roofs, such as tin, tile, and clip lock roofs. These structures are light-weight and easy to install. Typically, 1 kW of installation requires 8-10m2 of roof space, so we have solutions categorised into Residential and Commercial solar, which are categorised into small, medium, and big homes for Residential Solar and Small, Large and Massive business for Commercial Solar.

Get a Custom Quote!

The solar system capacity depends on your daily electricity requirements which can be understood from your utility bills or call one of our Solar advisors NOW on 1300 786 266 and make your dream solar project a reality.

We provide custom solar packages as per the customer’s solar system requirement, based on the energy habits, solar panel positioning, the roof direction, and the preferred solar components.

Simplified Process

The custom solar package is a Six-Step process, that helps our customers to design their own solar power system. We are committed to providing our customers with the best and affordable solar system, while still meeting their energy needs.

The process consists of the following and can be custom designed for your specific needs:

  • Solar Design and Site Planning
  • Solar System Design & Panel Selection
  • Installation & Incentive Program
  • Commissioning
  • Payment & Tracking
  • Customer Service

We are your best choice for solar energy solutions. Browse our solar offers at our main website or call 1300 786 266 for more information

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