Sunboost is proud to support the McGrath Foundation

We made a commitment to donate a portion of our profit to the McGrath Foundation, our charity of choice to help raise funds to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities
right across Australia.
McGrath Foundation sunboost australia

Sunboost Donates $140,000 to help fund McGrath Breast Care Nurse for a year.

By purchasing Sunboost Premium Solar System for your residence/business will help support so many families experiencing breast cancer.

Our donation helps McGrath Foundation to place a Breast Care Nurse in communities across Australia.

Goal: $140,000
McGrath Foundation in australia
$140,000 of $140,000

Why we support the McGrath Foundation

We believe that women and men affected by breast cancer, and their families, need consistent, compassionate and expert support throughout their experience – and that’s why we fund nurses.

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McGrath Foundation sunboost

Over 19,000 women and more than 150 men were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. As number of people diagnosed with breast cancer continues to grow, that is why we sponsor a McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse, so the community gets the care they needed.

Additionally, we want to spread the awareness about breast cancer and the care people can get from McGrath Foundation.

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McGrath Breast Care Nurses help individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support.

Support is available for anyone with breast cancer, whether they are in public or private care. No referral is required. McGrath Breast Care Nurses provide care and support for early or metastatic breast cancer, stages of breast cancer - from early through to metastatic.

McGrath Foundation sunboost australia
Visit the McGrath Foundation website

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