Stay competitive by being strategic about your business energy needs. Save money, protect your business against rising energy costs. Whether your business is a school or a factory, a shop, or a warehouse, energy independence is a significant component in any risk management or sustainability program.

At SunBoost, we know that your business requires a system that you can rely on, year-in, year-out. We use only the highest quality components, we provide ongoing servicing, and a comprehensive performance guarantee for every installation.

Reduce Your Overheads

Generate free energy for your own business needs and make money by selling back to the grid. Utilize the Power Tracker monitoring software to identify inefficient power use, minimize peak demand charges, and monitor your electricity bills in real time.

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SunBoost Australia has an experienced solar team, with a proven track record of designing and deploying solar power systems that work.

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  • What is a grid connected solar system?

    Grid connected solar panel systems are connected to the electricity supply grid. An inverter converts DC low voltage power generated by the solar panels to 240V AC household supply. The smart meter also manages how much electricity is drawn from or fed back into the grid. When excess “Green” electricity is fed into the grid, the meter ticks backwards, so the household only pays the difference between what is fed and drawn.

  • Can I increase the size of my system in the future?

    This depends on your roof space and the size of the inverter. If you have sufficient roof space and additional capacity in the inverter you could increase the size of your system. Or you could add a second system to your roof. Please note: At this time, the solar Feed-in Tariffs in each state have limits on the system size which to they apply. Increasing the size of an existing solar power system could affect your eligibility for a Feed-in Tariff. Please call us for further information.

  • How long is the wait between booking and installation?

    Since this depends on how long approval takes, it varies state-to-state. South Australia currently has the fastest meter approval and installation timeframe of 1-2 weeks. Western Australia is the slowest at about 4-8 weeks.

  • How long does an average installation take?

    It's hard to say about average installation time without knowing the size of solar power system. Bigger the system, longer the time it require to be installed. Let's take 5 kw system for installation which takes around 3-5 hrs, start to finish.

  • How much roof space is required?

    The amount of roof space required depends on the size of the system. For example, a small 1.5kW system requires 12m² of roof space. This is ideally an un-shaded and north-facing part of the roof. The system is modular and can be arranged in a way that best suits the roof.


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