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Jim G.

Stay away, 18 months later and still asking where is my system?

I signed a contract with Sunboost in July 2018. Yes July 2018, that is not a typo. The salesman would not listen that the roof was flat and that it would require tilt frames. Once it was established on first install attempt that tilt frames would be required I got the required council approval. That was in January 2019. I still do not have the system on my roof. They don't return calls. I am forever chasing them.

solar experts australian


False advertising, Stay away, check pictures attached from emails.

Bunch of losers working for sunboost solar, giving out quotes which they can't keep up with. [name removed] kept on calling me for at least 1 week for the sale. When agreed on a price and system, as I am about to make the deposit for the agreed quote, I got another email sent within an hour that I have delayed a lot and price has gone up $300 in an hour. I'm glad it happened before I made the payment. Not worth the Hassle PLEASE SEE PICTURES ATTACHED.

solar experts australian

jarryd m.

3 months later

Got a quote and it sounded great so paid my deposit over the phone there and then because sales man was very pushy about it. Have had to chase them up every step of the way every time they would say something like it has only just come to my desk. Its been 3 months and its still not producing electricity. Installer said that they could not fit all the panels on our roof and they will refund me for the 1 panel, they have only offered me $40 refund thats a joke $4000 system and one panel is worth $40. If I knew that I would have made them put it on the other side of my roof.

solar experts australian

dane c.

Disgusting customer service from Cooper especially when you inform him your not ready yet!

I made an inquiry and revived contact from Cooper. I was just getting a quote to compare with others I was receiving also. Cooper was so rude over the phone to me and harassed me when I informed him Im not ready yet! Disgusting attitude and customer service

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Nothing was easy with this company once I signed up my contract. There was nothing but only issues with this company. All stress but nothing else. Big show & no commitment. All very tempting & a colourful picture but you only realize your mistake once you sign up & every promise starts looking fake. I made a huge mistake even though I thought I did all the research but at last I feel I got carried away by the promotional ads with the celebrities backing up the company. After all this experience I would strongly recommend to go with a local ACT solar panel provided & installer.

solar experts australian


Rude and aggressive sales tactics

Beware, once this company gets your number, they will subject you to numerous calls to hound you relentlessly with high pressure sales tactics. They kept calling me even after I asked them many times to stop. Originally had a call from the sales rep to get a solar installation quote. I did not feel the sales person was genuine as they kept trying to steer me towards their preferred brand of solar panels. They were dismissive of other large brands and kept saying they were all chinese made. Found many complaints of the company online ( and decided not to go with them. When I told them of the poor reviews online, the guy Danny kept interrupting and berating me to listen to his justifications. I question the 5 star reviews on this website - many of the reviews are from people who have not submitted reviews before.

solar experts australian


Very difficult to deal with customer service team

I asked alot of questions before deciding to go with Sunboost. The sales rep answered all my questions with agreeable responses. I requested these responses in writing, which I recieved via email. Then sunboost overcharged my account for a deposit, higher than the agreed amount. They then sent a contract (after agreement was made) and this contract deviated from all of the items I had previously discussed with the sales rep. I advised of which clauses I didnt agree to and asked for the contract to be ammended. I was told the contract could not be ammended. I asked for a refund and still haven't recieved it. This is 5.5 weeks since I requested my refund. That was requested the day after the contract was sent to me. I have experienced very disceptive sales tactics and trade practices that are not legal in Australia. Be weary.

solar experts australian


Terrible company

Do not go with this company! We've paid in full for a solar system that is not connected. No one will return our calls and they keep blaming each other (installers and sunnboost). Really wish we never went with this company.

solar experts australian


Do not return phone calls

Have taken our deposit and now will not return phone calls. Concerning to say the least. Not entirely sure how we resolve this issue as cannot reach anybody. Thoughts please?

solar experts australian

John and Lynn

Terrible back up.

We received a quote after a very high pressure sales pitch,paid a deposit and then realised we had made a very bad decision and rang the consultant back and ask to cancel the contact and have our deposit back. We have emailed the consultant several times but all requests have been ignored. Not happy at all. Order no.151229

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