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Pathetic service

Ordered the system 12/11/2020. Promised installation was between 23/11/20 & 07/12/20. Called this morning with the old chestnut excuse that solar can not be installed as the installer hurt himself an that it couldnt be rescheduled until February. I would not recommend this company.

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12 months in my 6.6kw 24 panel produces no more than 2.8kw on a clear 40 degree day. Foreign call centre. Dodgy panels

Initial sale and installation process was easy. But 12 months on my 24 panel 6.6kw system with a 5kw inverter produces a maximum of 2.8kw on a clear day with no shade in Newcastle NSW. Customer support from what I can understand ( very thick accents) tell me to set up accounts and link my inverter to them so they can monitor my system for 3 days before they'll do anything, they emailed me 15 plus pages of instruction s to do this...I consider myself pretty tech savvy, I still haven't figured out how to do this. The instructions just don't work.. Sun boost is not interested in the fact that I have a Tesla Powerwall 2 and it's app. Plus another third party app to monitor my solar output. I'd really like to talk to someone I can understand or not have my call transferred half a dozen times before I can talk to the "right department". If you want a solar panel setup to last you only 12 months then this is the company for you. Very disappointed.

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Happy Job

very disappointing, always argue with the sale person, have to go back to the training again

Hi Wilson, not very happy with Blake, who is a salesperson, did not understand about the the procedure, can not communicate with the client, advise the wrong thing, just sale sale sale, very disappointing

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Sale was seamless, installation not so great, been waiting 2 months for installation.

signed up for Sunboost in early October and had a two storey installation booked in for the 26th October. Installation day arrived and the contractors to do the install said it was too dangerous to install as they needed a scissor lift to get to the second storey roof as they only brought a ladder. I would have thought that knowing it was going to be a two storey install they would have already organised that. It is now the 24th of November and after numerous emails and calls back and forth they keep "assuring" me that a new installation date will be organised. Still waiting on all the false promises of getting back to me with an update. I had my last straw when they told me on Thursday 19th of November that they will have an outcome after coming out to the address again for the second time. It is now Tuesday the 24th November and is still waiting.

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awaiting documents of proof and repairs to be fixed

It appears I was to early in giving Sunboost some praise after an inspection of the roof area , it has been noted the the cables connecting the PV arrays are not secured to timbers so as to pass through roof and have support Please every one make sure that the roof area is checked , I am still waiting for documents , Sunboost says its all legal but I have not received these documents which under the Clean Energy Council are a requirement All complex systems require a user manual for the customer. Grid-connected PV systems are no different. The following system installation documentation shall be provided (as specified in AS/NZS 5033). The documentation can be either supplied in hard copy or electronic form (at the customers discretion). Where the accredited installer is not also signing off as the CEC accredited designer for the installation, the accredited designer shall provide the information as indicated below. 5.1.1 A list of equipment supplied with model, description & serial numbers. Obtained from CEC designer. Basic system information including system rating and component ratings, commissioning date and equipment location. 5.1.2 A list of actions to be taken in the event of an earth fault alarm including any remote monitoring configuration. 5.1.3 The shutdown and isolation procedure for emergency and maintenance. 5.1.4 A basic connection diagram that includes the electrical ratings of the PV array, and the ratings of all overcurrent devices and switches as installed Obtained from CEC designer. 5.1.5 System performance estimate Obtained from CEC designer. 5.1.6 Recommended maintenance for the system Obtained from CEC designer. 5.1.7 Maintenance procedure and timetable Obtained from CEC designer. 5.1.8 The commissioning sheet and installation checklist. 5.1.9 Array frame engineering certificate for wind and mechanical loading Obtained from CEC designer. 5.1.10 Installer/designers declaration of compliance. 5.1.11 Warranty information Obtained from CEC designer. 5.1.12 Equipment manufacturers documentation and handbooks for all equipment supplied Obtained from CEC designer. 5.1.13 Contact personnel for installation enquiries and system support 5.1.14 Voltage rise calculations or measurements 5.1.15 Details of any central protection, phase balancing or export control installed, including devices, wiring and settings 7.11.5 The wiring enclosure shall be labelled SOLAR at not more than 2m intervals. There is also some parts of the electrical standard that is defective which is under Australian Standards 3000 Mechanical damage Wiring systems shall be selected and installed so as to minimize the risk of mechanical damage. Protection against mechanical damage shall be provided by one or any combination of the following: (a) Mechanical characteristics of the wiring system. (b) Location selected. (c) Provision of additional local or general mechanical protection. Other mechanical stresses Wiring systems shall be selected and installed so as to minimize damage to the cable insulation, sheathing and connections during installation, operation and maintenance. Measures undertaken to minimize damage may include the following: (a) Provision of supports, continuous or at appropriate intervals suitable for the mass of the cable. (b) Use of suitable fixings for the cable size and type that hold the cable in position without damage. (c) Use of suitable connections for the cable size and type that reduce mechanical strain at joints and terminations. (d) Attention to minimum bending radius limits of cables. (e) Provision of flexibility to accommodate any movement or tension or Stress I have asked , they say they will come out? I suggest to every one who has the system installed to have an independent review done by another accredited installer who has nothing to do with Sunboost and have the inspection fees charged back to Sunboost If I ever move again I will not ever engage Sunboost again to install a solar array system

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D. Kim

Deceptive and incompetent operator

1. Sunboost knowingly concealed the actual cost of installing the solar system by choosing not to tell me about the cost of upgrading my meter board without which the system is useless. I ended up paying $2700 and spent two months fixing it. Had I been told this essential cost, I would not have gone ahead. Sunboost deprived me of choices by deception. They were well aware of my meter board as I sent them its clear pictures right from the beginning. 2.Sunboost installers rushed and left without setting up the data management system on any device, customer service guy Raymond was useless and rude. 3.The expensive Fronius inverter always broke down and restarts many times day. Without a meter board, useless, so it has been turned off soon after installation. 4.I paid top dollars for allegedly 9.6KW system but on a long sunny day, the maximum out put hovered around 6kW. I am taking Sunboost to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a full refund for all the time, energy, pain and suffering from this useless system and their unconscionable act.

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Peter Baff

Dont be fooled by Allan Border ...

Firstly they arrived 4 MONTHS late, then they worked on my roof with a harness connected to nothing. They drilled a hole directly through the roof instead of hiding it under the flashing. Its clearly visible from the window inside and is such an eye saw . Then Sunboost refuse to return to make the work good or repair the original work. Ive been disappointed and Let down .

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Jasvinder N.

Very Disappointing

Most horrible experience. Worst customer service. Their executives have been just trained to get contracts and take advance and then just backtrack on what they agree to do. Stay away from Sunboost.

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Paul C.

Please dont used this company for your solar installation.problems with installation and no response.

Broken tiles and leaking roof aftet installation. Hallway and bedroom needs to be repaired and painted. No responsiblity and rectication from supplier. Very disappointed with the solar panel provider. Wouldnt recommend this company to anyone looking to have solar panel installation.

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Graeme Clarke

Rip off company

A few weeks after being sold a system at a special discount price your special price suddenly drops by $400.00 This is totally unscrupulous and [name removed] should be totally ashamed of his association with your outfit. I thought he would have more class.

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