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Advertised deal for 6.6kw system. Then as the cost was only $100 more we wanted to upgrade to 10kw. Was told it would be $6000 much more than advertised price.

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Amer Hodzic

They are scamers!

They gave us a qoute then started trying to make us buy products they would have otherwise bought themselfs. If I were you I would never buy anything from them they take you to the last step and then start introducing random prices for different things. I would recommend you go with other companies such as arise solar and solar secure.

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Molly G.

Sunboost end cost

This is not a good company to deal with. Alas I don't actually have the system. I was quoted in November 2019 I paid a $400 deposit 3rd of Dec The solar was to go on by the end of December 2019. In January 2020 I called and they said they couldn't do it because they couldn't get an installer out to my location. and it wouldn't be done until Feb 2020 and you guessed it Feb came and went no install, they blamed covid -19 and said it would be done in March. At the end of March they told me I needed to pay another $1000 for a service fuse. In April I asked for my money back. and tried to get it back for weeks with no luck. At the end of April they contacted me ans said they would reduce the amount for the service fuse to $500, but I would have to pay it up front. In May I paid another $500, and was given another contract. And it was going up in June. In June nothing happened in July I called every Monday and they told me the installer would call me by the end of the week. but he never did. At the end of July they wanted photos and measurements of the roof which I took and sent. They then said the roof was flat and I would have to pay another $800 to have the frames put on, but apart from the the roof was fine and supports were okay to handle the panels. But the guy who came and quoted me in Nov of 2019 knew that and said they would put frames on the roof, so I assumed that was in the quote. I refused to pay and demanded my money back. In August they agreed to pay for the frames. But I had to have another new contract. which I signed on the 8th of August and the solar was to go up in 3 weeks making it the end of August. The 15th of September they finally came to put up the solar. But the installer said the roof didn't have enough supports for the panels and he couldn't do it. I rang Sunboost and told them I wanted my money back and they said they would return the original $400 but not the $500 I had paid for the service fuse. I still don't have my money back, but I do have proof of everything I have said here.

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Will not stop harassing me.

2 years in a row they ring me all hours of the day even after Ive requested to be removed from their phone listing and reported them for harassment. Stop calling me, [name removed] the rude sales rep.

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Be careful

I have had issues with this company; I paid a deposit for the installation of solar panels then discovered that they hadn't factored in that my house was south facing so I had to cancel the installation after the contractors (who arrived with all the panels) said in good conscience they couldn't install. This was about two and a half years ago and I was informed that I couldn't get my deposit back. Then I was contacted by Sunboost out of the blue at the end of August 2020 asking if I still wanted to install panels. I said no, but could I have my deposit back. Of course you can, I was told, just give us your account details and we'll reimburse you. This was on the 25 August. And of course I didn't get my reimbursement. Very unprofessional.

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Be Very Careful!!

The person that I was dealing with on the phone was argumentative and very pushy. I became convinced to receive a quote which he emailed to me. He also said that there was a $600 discount if I paid the deposit today. I said to him that I will not make a decision about accepting any quote until I have spoken to my husband. He kept insisting that I accept the quote now or I will lose the discount. I said to him that I did not care if I lost the discount or not. Eventually he agreed to allow me time to talk to my husband who was out at the time. I said to the sales person, "Do not call me, but I will call you." He did not like that and was insisting on a time that I was going to call him back. Eventually I said that he can call me at 3pm if I did not call him back, and I stated one more time, "Do not call me before 3pm." Less than one hour later he called me to tell me that he sent me another email. I told him, "I told you not to call me." He got angry and yelled at me, I didn't call you. I told him, "You are on the phone to me and it was you who called me." He got abusive and started demanding that I look at the email that I sent him. I told him that I will no longer be doing any business with their company. I am still looking for a good solar

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Would not spend my money with you again

Highly disappointed and would never recommend this company again. Had our 22 panel, inverter and LG battery installed in February 2018 and since then we have had one battery replaced, 2 inverters replaced, only half of our panels working for well over a year. No solar during our devastation of bush fires and now the inverter has ceased working since June 2020. The company have passed the blame between the Solax company and solax say its Sunboost's fault due to not installing the inverter correctly. If you want migraines then shop here... Personally I am done with this company and I will be seeking for it to be removed and refunded by ACL and ACCC. Bad taste on Solar... I guess since they got the rebate they just do not care.... I suggest NEVER purchase from these thieves.

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Trung Nguyen

Too many lies

The installation went fast and OK, however they didn't put an application for the old meters being changed. I called them many times to follow up for the new digital meters and each time I received a different story. At first, they said the application for the new meters was submitted before the solar installation. I called back a few days later and received a different story that they couldn't submit the application until the new solar system is installed. Call back a week later, they said the application for new digital meters was submitted however I called my energy supplier to check Sunboost has NOT submitted any as if Sunboost submitted the application then they would receive a email for the request with a reference starting OC...... I called back to Sunboost and asked why they lied to me. They now passed the responsibility to me to request for new digital meters changed. I now got a new solar system installed, but I can NOT use it yet until new digital meters are changed.

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Dodgy System Installation and NOT fit for purpose

This company last year (31st October) installed 9.6Kw (32 panels - 300W each)system at my residential property with the expectation that this system would provide me value for money. This company has installed 14 panels on South side of the house/roof which is totally incorrect and that has been acknowledged by company. Rest of the 18 panels are installed on North West roof which is ok. I have provided this company with 4 days readings (end of May 2020) of the system generation where they acknowledged that this system is not generating to the full capacity. This company did end up sending 2 separate installers on 2 different occasions at my property and all they did was check Inverter readings. These 2 installers never did full diagnosis of the system. They did not bother going on roof and checking connections etc. They advised they could not find any issues and system is working fine which is NOT the case. I ended going to NSW Fair Trading where the issue has not been resolved and after getting frustrated I requested Sunboost to please decommission my entire system and refund my money to what i paid for. Sunboost agreed to me on 3rd July we have no other option but to remove whole system and refund the amount paid by you for the system. A month later i confirmed to Sunboost to go ahead and remove the system and refund my money. Late last week they now have backflipped and are saying we could not identify any issue and we no longer are removing the system and Not going to refund my money back. Unfortunately now i have to take legal action and formally lodge complaint and knock the door of NCAT. This company is NOT Clean Energy Council approved retailer and here I am one of the consumers suffering. Lesson learnt in life please do research/homework before you commit to bigger dollar value. Just by having Allan Border and Glenn McGrath and other celebrities advertised does not mean this is the company to go for Solar.

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Misrepresented product and misled into buying it.

We were promised by the Sunboost salesman that we would get 75% of our electricity bill paid by the system. That was the only reason we bought it. Our bills were about $400 per term, we were counting on about $300 per bill. The salesman calculated that the system would pay for itself after about 3 years. After a full term of usage we are getting 14% of our bill paid by the solar system. We were told to use the system as much as possible during the day to get the most out of it. We started heating the house during the day. That led to our last bill being $570. The solar credit on that bill was $82. Sunboost sent out another installer to check the system. The installer confirmed that the system is working as expected. These systems are not worth the money in any way. The system was deliberately misrepresented and we feel misled.

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