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Annoying overseas receptions

Installation was great. The guys who done the installation where professional and on time. The only issue I had was the overseas phone calls hassling me for money. They even tried to get me to make final payment before the installation. As to which I told them they was dreaming if they thought I was going to pay before the install. I was then contacted again whilst the guys where fitting the panels and asked for payment again. And yet again I told them that they was getting NO PAYMENT until installation was finished. Basically they would have got a 100% exelent rating if there call center was based in Australia and was not so harassing

solar experts australian


Would of got a 5 star rating except for warranty repairs

Had my installation yesterday and the install team were very efficient, friendly and professional. Unfortunately shorty after they left the inverter started to fault. Called after sales support and they asked me to send through photo's and a description of the fault. Have done that and haven't received any follow up call since even after I have emailed them twice with more details of the fault. A little disappointing especially after I just paid for a new system and want to make use of it.

solar experts australian


Eventually all good.

After 3 different dates finally got my system installed. Boys on the job done a good job. It took 4 months after initial signing but happy to have it up and running.

solar experts australian

John Spana

No proper communication

he installation guys were great, professional and very helpful, and the instal was done in under one day. Once everything was installed i was happy and comfortable thinking now my bill will be significantly less and that's it? until over a month later i receive an email from sunburst telling me to contact my energy supplier to install a meter??? I was confused and unsure what this mean?t so upon calling them they told me that the solar was not working until this meter was installed??? I was furious to hear this and more furious once i called my energy supplier who told me clearly that it was Sunboosts job to immediately contact energy aus, once the instal was complete to organise the meter to be installed!!! So once i called Sunboost and told them this they accepted responsibility and did what they were supposed to do over 1 month ago!!! but now i still have to wait 30 business days plus another 10 or so days on top until i can get the meter installed. I'm not happy at all with this...

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Just me

A proper mix up

I wanted to extend my Solar panels by three. Ended up with a bank of twenty, seven of which face the south. Apparently the north facing roof wasn't big enough to take them. However the overall process though lengthy was satisfactory but I still don't know whether or not the solar power is going into the grid but looking forward to a zero power bill.

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I found the workers at Sunboost to be pushy when it came to paying. Of course the customer needs to pay, however being asked to pay before job is completed is not usual. Than to be phoned several times on day of installation before job is done asking for payment was very annoying. The installers drilled right through into my dinning room and after several phone calls they did half a repair job. No hope they will complete the repair? Paid in full on day of install, then found out inverter was faulty. It took almost two weeks to get a replacement. Call centre staff were polite, but I felt I was been given the run around. Glad now all seems to be working, hopefully it stays that way.

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I can't rate this company properly yet until I am satisfied with the final outcome

Thank you Sunboost for contacting me this morning and arranging for their solar panel installer to be at my property this Monday to assertain if panels can somehow be installed on my tin tile roof...

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Sunboost Solar installation.

Sales team and installation team have been excellent, now waiting to see how the product performs hopefully it will be worthwhile

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Still not operational

I have to wait 2 months before using the solar power, because sunboost took too long in informing Electricity company of the change, and it is another 4 weeks before the meter can be changed. I should be reimbursed for the 2 months paying full price for electricity, when I have paid fully for the solar panels. Quick to take the money, but no follow through service.

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They are ok

When you are paying leave $100 balance to be paid once the Embedded Generator (EG) and Battery Storage Connection Agreement filled and also the certificate electrical safety . they play around with me for 3 weeks and lost a lot of money in traffic feed while waiting for it. Take my advise or you will be screwed.

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