Quality Promise of Our Solar Panels System


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Faster-than Average Installation Time

Your residential or commercial property will begin generating clean electricity within an average of 4 to 6 weeks based on approval. This is nearly half the turnaround time that most installers provide. This 3-week period includes sizing, design, permits, incentives, and the actual installation process itself. However, we don’t accomplish this turnaround time by cutting corners. We’re able to have your system up and running with as few delays as possible – regardless of system size.


Solar Support

Unrivaled Customer Support

Customer care centers in all major cities with extended contact hours. Every solar PV system that we provide comes with a 10 year-workmanship warranty that protects you from any defects resulting from improper installation. This is more than twice the coverage that most PV contractors offer. All of our solar PV systems come with min 25 -year panel performance warranty that provide a stable system performance.


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Unbeatable Value

Given our huge supplier network and long-standing vendor relationships, we routinely receive volume discounts for the PV components we order. We’re able to pass these huge savings on to you. No solar installer in Australia can approach the level of service we provide – certainly not at the prices we charge.


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Unmatched Technical Expertise

Access to the largest range of solar PV panels and inverters in Australia. our expert installers have installed over 90,000 kW of total solar capacity PV components that have been designed and tested by top-performing manufacturers.

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