We offer the best 6.6 kW solar system

6.6 kW solar system is the industry's standard size. For households with high energy consumption (around 10-16kWh per person per day), a 6.66kW system would be a great choice.

July 05, 2022
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solar panel system for home

6.6 kW solar system

6.6 kW solar system is the industry's standard size. For households with high energy consumption (around 10-16kWh per person per day), a 6.66kW system would be a great choice. However, this is just an estimate and will vary depending on individual circumstances. The system can generate between 18-24kW on an average throughout the year. Depending on the output of the panels or their watt sizes, you will need sufficient space to place 16-20 panels on your roof.

What is the cost of a 6.6 kW solar power plant?

A 6.6kW system with quality components professionally installed will cost approximately $3500 to $5000. This is in early 2022 and the price may vary in different locations and may or may not include solar subsidies.

How long is the 6.6kW system's payback?

A simple payback period should be between 3 – 4 years, assuming you have a high level of solar energy consumption and an excellent installation. Your cash-flow could even be positive if you can get cheap financing and don't have to pay much up-front.

Why choose Sunboost for 6.6 kw solar system installation?

It can be challenging to purchase a rooftop solar panel. Many homeowners won't know how to determine the panel's capacity or which brand will be best for them. You might choose to go with a cheaper 6.6kW rooftop solar package. However, you should expect poor-quality panels.

Sunboost’s experts will help you choose the right system, thank to years of experience assisting homeowners with quality 6.6kW panels. In addition, we offer a great warranty and ensure you are satisfied with your home solar energy system.

A 6.6kW solar power system will suffice for your needs.

Sunboost offers the best solar packages for the 6.6kW solar power system. 6.6kW is the most popular one because it is suitable for most homes and is the best choice for large families and medium-sized households. And when it comes to its installation, our expert installers consider orientation and roof space to maximize sunlight reaching panels due to unusual pitches or heavily shaded areas. Nevertheless, our installers will determine the best orientation for your solar panels to generate optimum energy.

Quality that you can trust

Sunboost is 100% Australian-owned, operated, and one of Australia's most respected solar companies. With installations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and many more locations, we serve the whole country with a vast network of qualified, professional installers. We keep our customers satisfied with a 25-year panels performance warranty and a good customer support.

There is an affordable way to reduce your power bill

A 6.6kW solar system can produce enough electricity, helping you cut down on your bills. For busy households in Australia, the 6.6kW solar power systems have proved to be the best and most cost-effective option. Today's low prices on solar systems in Australia are your opportunity to take advantage. Because of Australia's low solar system prices, solar power is more affordable than ever. You can enjoy a quick return on your investment and make significant savings on your power bills with Sunboost. While installing solar panels, just ensure that:

  • Sunlight should be plentiful and regular.
  • Rock bottom solar installation costs.
  • Advantages of financial incentives & tariffs are claimed.

You can export excess electricity to the grid with your 6.6kW power solar systems and get a solar feed-in tariff (or solar buyback) for excess electricity generation. Solar power only keeps giving, month after month, and with the buyback tariff, your power bills will soon be almost negligible. Additional incentives are available through the government's small-scale renewable energy program.

We are Sunboost

Sunboost leads the charge to create a planet run by the sun. By making solar simple for customers, we are creating a more sustainable world. Give us a call on 1300 786 266 for a quick solar consultation.

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