Adam Glazner

Perfect installation of 6.6kw System.

Great Instal by Trev & Josh. Faultless workmanship. Planned out very well. Sunny days are pumping out the full 5kw. With our analogue meter going backwards, lol. : ) Thanks to Rex for the prompt Instal at this time of year. Nice work Sunboost.



Excellent service and an affordable price

Installed within 8 days from order. I ordered and paid the deposit on 13th November and My system was installed and in operation by 21st November, I was dealing an energy consultant called Grant who acted in a very professional and polite manor, straight after i made the deposit he had applied to synergy and Western power and both approved within 24 hours. Installation team also excellent and run through the system and even gave his direct number and said to call if any issues


Graham Armstrong

Very Good After Sales Service

Reference Project Number 126267 Kevin was the customer service agent and he operated in a very professional manner and was tenacious in solving my problem. He was very patient and provided every possible assistance to me. I would recommend Kevin to anyone trying to solve a similar Inverter WiFi issue.



Good service

I am very pleased and happy with the job executed while installation. Everyone were very cooperative and helpful with all my queries. I was quite satisfied with the excellent work and prompt service by sun Boost. Thanks on and all

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