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Gustav Van Der Kooij


I spoke with Malcolm and organised to have panels on our roof, gave a $200.00 deposit and now can't get back to Malcolm. Have tried to ring quite a few times with no result. Malcolm did ring a couple of times but still no one has been and we were meant to have the panels before Christmas. Not very good service, ring a Sydney phone number, no one in Perth that will come to the house. Not good enough.

solar experts australian


lies and delays..

After been talked into buying solar by a sunboost salesman and paying a $300 deposit I changed my mind and asked to cancel the order, [this was only about 2 hours later, so well within the 10 day cooling off period] after asking multiple times for my deposit back I was told the deposit was used for the metre application, this was a lie as I had not even signed any documents or contracts for this to go ahead. finally after many more emails I was told by the salesman that he had forwarded my request for the deposit return. 3 weeks later and my deposit still has not been returned, so I contacted the salesman again and was told I need to fill out an application to have the deposit returned [ this is a form that should have been sent to me 3 weeks earlier] so I filled it out and returned it, this was a week ago and still no refund.. now im told it will take 7 business days to process. all the while the salesman keeps telling me don't worry your deposit is safe with us. [my deposit would be much safer with me thankyou]

solar experts australian


Very angry and frustrated!!

Very angry and frustrated.Panels have been installed but no paperwork sent to my energy provider. Never call me back . Promise to send but never do. Nearly a month and I have panels not connected to anything.

solar experts australian


Unprofessional and unreliable - don't waste your money

the sales person promised me a lot of things and commited a that install team will call me and that never happens until I called back only to be told oh yes we can install soon - the day of the install the installer said he can't do the install due to the type of roof and I was told immediate refund on 5th of December - have chased few times with a promise to me max 5 business days I should have my deposit refund , it's 19th December and I am still waiting for refund. Do not waste your time , I feel I dodged a bullet I hope I'll get my refund, either way I'll be lodging a formal complaint against them via ACCC. Be very careful Customer Service

solar experts australian

Aaron K.


Got called and pressured don't really like the tactics and also my questions were not answered. It was a long drawn out process and answers were not forthcoming in a

solar experts australian

Trent W.


I was going too be getting solar panels from u but I have decided not too I kept getting calls from him pressuring me bout referrals and then he tells me one thing then he tells me another I am over it

solar experts australian

Daniel Lewies

Dan the sales guy was extremely pushy and when he knew he was not going to secure a sale hung up.

Unfortunately i dealt with Dan and his horrible sales tactics. Dan was pushy from the start and when he realised that i wanted to investigate my options he hung up on me. I was considering using sunboost for my 3 properties but have now purchased elsewhere. Terrible sales tactics beware.

solar experts australian


Utterly Rude

Tried to get a quote, as I know what I am after, the guy on the phone "Clay" quoted me a price, and I advised that I have a cheaper quote from another party. Clay wasn't happy and assumed it was "Chinese Crap". Then started to abuse me over the phone. Great work! I wouldn't recommend Sunboost to anyone.

solar experts australian


Terrible, Absolute Criminals

Dismal service, installation has been rescheduled 8 times now (but they never tell us until after the installer hasn't shown up), first install date was in July and we still haven't got them installed in December! Promised us a credit for delays which they claim to now not know anything about. We will definitely be taking our complaints to the ombudsman and the ACCC.

solar experts australian


Terrible phone service

sales consultant very hard to understand. would not listen to what I wanted. refused to email me a quote. Tried to Bully me in to a contract over the phone even though I made it very clear(7-8 times)that I would not commit to a contract until I had a firm quote emailed to me. I also caught him lying about when they could install. first he said not possible to install before Christmas as "all their installers were over booked and absolutely not possible until after new year" but if I payed deposit then I the earliest I could get it done is some time around the end of January 2020. Then(After about 5mins) he said they could do it within 3weeks from today if I payed in full. What happened to no installers being available for 2 months??? If you want a company that refuses to listen to you, lies to you, Bullies you into doing what THEY want you to do. Also their products are substandard compared to others on the market at a similar price! I have already had two quotes from two other companies that are around the same price but with much better quality products. I strongly suggest paying a little extra and going for another solar company.

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